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.: Right Now :.

Inspired by Amanda Blake Soule (SouleMama), I love the idea of stopping periodically to take in the present moments and reflect on life as it is. So, I will follow her tradition.

Right now, I am

~lost in reflection on how it can be that my first-born completed Kindergarten on this day.

~revelling a little bit at having a clean(ish) kitchen for 2 days in a row.

~thinking about how soon I will be able to get to the umpteen sewing projects I have swimming in my head.

~reminding myself that they are only little once and not to worry about aforementioned sewing projects quite so much.

~wondering how many times I will say that this is the year I will can/ferment/pickle/otherwise preserve the bounty of my garden and the gardens of my local farms until it is true.

~planning a summer virtually free of camps and other busy programming.

~including lots of exploring and creative thinking in my plans for our wander-full summer yet to come.

~trying hard not to wish the summer away, as I always do, because Nature makes it just that uncomfortable to be outside.

~writing down all the local free summer concerts in my calendar to better “seize the summer.”

~smiling in my mind about how lucky I am to be a mama and partner in this priceless family, nurturing community and beautifully complex world.

What are you up to, right now?


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I saw this idea somewhere between Back Home and Natural Home (& Garden), and I can’t figure who to credit this idea to, however, as we start to employ less toys, but more that are visible, it became obvious that we needed a row of hooks for silks and other play fabric and scarves.

Since we’re on a new “living within our means” commitment, I needed something functional, fast and free (my favorite f-words!).

So, the twig row of hooks was born.  It was fun to make and involve my nearly-3-year-old in, scavenging twigs and branches from around the house, using the loppers to get the right cuts, sanding the rough edges and banging the nails into a discarded piece of lumber hanging out in the garage, just waiting for a purpose in life.  Fun activity, no need to “fetch” supplies and just what I needed–quickly!

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